One of Norway's largest and most experienced in blow-in insulation for new and older houses, and proud dealer and installer of Friskehus demand-controlled ventilation.

Qualified insulators and Friskehus ventilation installers.

We are one of Norway’s largest and oldest insulation companies, insulating both new and older houses with Paroc, Superglass, and Warmfiber blow-in insulation.

Our experienced installers specialize in optimizing indoor climate and energy consumption, ensuring seamless integration. Whether you need advice on insulation or a combined insulation and ventilation solution, our team is here to help.

To ensure customer satisfaction, all our employees are certified blow-in insulators and have received qualified training from our suppliers and partners. We have been established with blow-in insulation since 1961 and as a joint-stock company since 1976, proudly guaranteeing our work with qualified professionals.


Advantages with blow insulation

  • Simpler and faster insulation

  • Fills out better than traditional insulation

  • Saves time on progress

  • Environmentally and health-friendly for carpenters

Advantages with Demand-Controlled Ventilation

  • Clean and fresh air

  • Reduced heating costs

  • Moisture control

  • Improved health and well-being