One of Norway´s largest and most experienced in insulation with Paroc and Knauf blow insulation

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Established with blowing insulation in 1961, and as a Joint-Stock Company since 1976. We proudly guarantee our work with qualified professionals.

We´re one of Norway´s biggest and most established insulation companies that insulates both new and older houses with Paroc and Knauf insulation.

To be sure that you as a customer will be satisfied all of our employees are authorized blow insulators, and has undergone qualified training at both Paroc AS and Knauf Insulation AS.

Advantages with blow insulation

  • Faster and easier insulation
  • Fills in better than traditional insulation
  • Saves time on progress
  • Enviromental and health-friendly for carpenters


CEO Terje Hexeberg Contact: 907 76 420